A 2-player 2D Rocket League clone I'm working on.

Currently in a very early state.


Player 1:

  • A / D for driving car
  • W for jump
  • Space for boost

Player 2:

  • Left / Right Arrow Keys for driving car
  • Up Arrow Key for jump
  • Num 0 for Boost

Press R to restart the game.

Windows version is available in the downloads. Multiplayer is only available there. Windows/multiplayer version under development.

No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to Psyonix. This is just a fan game.

More information

Published 57 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorGurpreet Singh MAtharoo
Tags2D, 2-player, league, rocket

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I love the game the only thing i would change is the control of the car in the air. Is too slow! I would add more maps to but is a good game in alpha that will be better when will came out. one more thing the game should have a timer or a limite score gol. Thanks.

Thanks for your nice words and the suggestion.