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If the game is running slow, please try a different browser -- Chrome may cause performance issues. Alternatively, you can download the Windows executable provided in the downloads.


Player 1:

  • A / D for driving car
  • W for jump
  • S for brake
  • Space for boost

Player 2:

  • Left / Right Arrow Keys for driving car
  • Up Arrow Key for jump
  • Down Arrow Key for brake
  • Ctrl / Num 0 for Boost

Press R to restart the game.

No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to Psyonix. This is just a fan game.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
AuthorGurpreet Singh Matharoo
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, league, rocket, rocket-league, Two Player


RocketLeague2D_Windows.zip 4 MB

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hey it has been two years, would be cool if you added online, idk if you would have to post the game on a different website to do that, and flip resets, would also be super cool if online had ranked lol. or if ai had difficulty levels, or maybe instead i can try and figure out a way to mod the game and add all these things

I'm no longer working on the game. Even if I did, online is very hard to add lol


yeah i agree about the flip resets and multiplayer but theres one thing we also need in the future online matches we will need rechargable boost so it can be fair for all unlimited boost is kinda op

or like in rocket league sideswipe we can regain boost off the floor maybe that could be useful?

Nice Zen of 2d RL. Matharoo could we get the embebed code for RL2d


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ngl im probably the best player to play this game, my max flip resets ( which aren't really resets could they haven't been added yet) is amazingly 35 or more i couldn't keep count and air-dribble score is exactly 6910

Also developers can you guys pls add real flip resets and multiplayer bc that would make the game super fun instead of destroying the bot 1126-3 lol

Sorry to break your record but 馃槃

Hey, I really enjoyed playing the game, it would be pleasing if you added a flip reset! Thank you!

bro can he try to change some stuff

this game is two easy

no, its three easy

you made that text game with                                              ned stark right     am i right can there be more parts pls                                            it was good


jimmy needs more jimmy

No, it four easy


no it's five easy


d d ddwa

doesn't work

i love it

jimmyjimmyjimmy jimmy


for some reason it wont work i cant even use controls

ai is brain dead

very cool gam- when your double jumping if your y velocity is already very low, it does not do much. if you set your y velocity to zero before applying whatever amount on your double jump it would feel cleaner.  





release source code so i can mod pls



hey gamer

add difficulties to the ai cuz they owngoal too much and they suck

i be hitting air dribbles to double taps all day on kickoffs


we don't need


Could you put a new source code link because the old source code link doesn't exist? :)

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Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago















great game but you should add flip reset to the game because when u land on the ball it doesn't give u a flip and also add a bot for player 1 side because I play with the arrows so when I play  with the bots I have to play with wasd and finally add a bot difficulty slider.   


Also when you are upside down boost a bit and hold "S"    It makes you go ridiculously fast

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