A 2-player 2D Rocket League clone I'm was working on.

Source: https://github.com/gurpreetsinghmatharoo/Rocket-League-2D-Source


Player 1:

  • A / D for driving car
  • W for jump
  • Space for boost

Player 2:

  • Left / Right Arrow Keys for driving car
  • Up Arrow Key for jump
  • Num 0 for Boost

Press R to restart the game.

No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to Psyonix. This is just a fan game.

Development log


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Hey I've played your game for around 1-2 years, and I can do almost anything in it.

I'm telling you this so that youll think of upgrading it. I took a video to show you at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3fJJ5BAcXs&feature=youtu.be .


Haha good job! Sadly I won't be working on this game now, it was just another one of the hundreds of small games I've made in my life. But I really appreciate you playing it and having fun :)

If you could, would you be willing to add a training mode with one car so that you can practice alone, er something. I know its a small change, but idk.

If you have decided to stop development then why not release the source code so people can upgrade it themselves and make it better.

Good idea! Will do.

Hi, here is the source: https://github.com/gurpreetsinghmatharoo/Rocket-League-2D-Source


Player 2 cant play because my computer does not have the right num 0


too bad

Deleted 1 year ago

Sure, I mailed you. :)


I mailed you back :) Cheers!



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I love the game the only thing i would change is the control of the car in the air. Is too slow! I would add more maps to but is a good game in alpha that will be better when will came out. one more thing the game should have a timer or a limite score gol. Thanks.

Thanks for your nice words and the suggestion.

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I agree with you but you can also upgrade the brake system. thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently it seems like I've stopped working on this project, so don't expect any updates or improvements. Sorry and thanks!