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can you make some other controles cuz we  press ctrl + w alot


Its so fun to watch the bots try and get the ball when your air dribbling on the ceiling.

I know lol


Hello! This game is super fun. Thing is that i can't really play the game. I got to experience it once a couple days ago, but now i've tried with multiplie  browsers.  I'm not sure how to do this but i think it would work a lot better if you made the game downloadable to get on your computer instead of a website. But i don't know if you could do that anyways, so just something for you to think of. Great game eitherway!

I will upload an .exe.


Thank you! This will probably make the game a little more active, at least for my part. I will play this game quite often because I like the physics. I would also recommend it to my friends. 

The .exe is out already, btw.

hy bro I now you cant work anymore in the game but can you make the source code public so I can try to update the game adding features as multyplayer trading crates etc?

Sorry, can't


Okay, no offence creator guy but you know people have been asking you to do an update, and to me it seems like all u give them in return is the same message over and over again, "Sorry i dont have time to work on this game any more", like bud apparently u still have time to copy and past the same message. This is your most popular game, i wold give it credit if i where you. Just for once maybe listen to your comment section, These people are asking you to do it because they can't, like literally the last time u updated the game was 60 days ago, LISTEN TO YOUR FANS!

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Sorry i dont have time to work on this game any more

Edit: see I added AI

Hey I understand that but I would be very happy if you could do a programm for this with download :D



also can u fix 2nd player boost

what's the issue?

When p1 jumps (w) and p2 clicks boost (ctrl) at the same time, it deletes the whole tab not allowing you to play with a friend. It happens because ctrl + w deletes the tab.

I'll see if I can fix that, but for now you can download the .exe.

Ok, well if you need any help i'm here.

CODING GOD give me ur blessing

dang u got trashed   bammboozled on

and the back wheel flick

and the wind dribble

And the water dash

i made a new mechanic, 

the crusty flick

 can you make a fullscreen?

when i try and play i cant and when i press spacebar its just scrolls down to coments can you add fullscreen to this pls?

you have to reload the tab


hey i would play this every day if it had multiplayer/online

Hey guys, I found an Easter egg. If you turtle and boost a bit, when you hold down s or the down arrow key, you start speeding in one direction.

thats not an easter egg thats a mistake

have you ever thought of making a singleplayer version?

I would literally play it every day.

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If you guys want rocket league like settings, do heavy car, bouncy light ball. Its good for practicing aerials because they are almost the same settings as rocket league.

i cant believe you i use lighter lighter it doesnt bump the car that hard plus you cant barely dribble in air or start a front flip lol

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Hey, I've played this game for sum 1.5 years i think its really fun but you could use some help. Idk if you use coding in your game but i could definitly help you out with it. I have a long career in coding games, i would show u my resume but i cant because i dont know you. I have made a private version of rocket league, and fortnite. I could also help with many other of your games if you like my work.

Much love, 

A Coding God


Thank you coding god, but I am doing fine :) I just don't have the time to give to this project.

thats where he would come in :|

I under stand :)

but just letting you know it would make your fan base grow.

can you please add multiplayer?


if i am able to make it better then i will



Hey! Would you be able to make flip resets from the roof and/or the ball? thx


OMG i'm so happy you did this :D the easiest update would be a solo practice mode, and more cars and boosts, because AI's are hard to make


OMG, I'm so happy you picked this back up. If you remember me, I'm the guy who made a few montages on it. I'm so excited to get back into it. THANK YOU

Looking forward to more montages :)

You got it >:)

plz update

added AI



Nice game :)

I don't know if it's something with my browser but i'm unable to control the cars, it doesn't respond but I know it's working, the back and restart button don't work and I would try a different browser but i'm on a chromebook so I can't.

Okay, if you could please try on a different browser, let me know how it goes.

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v1.1 Physics Update is out! Please read the release notes here:

A brief post about the upcoming updates:


I LOVE THIS GAME please do update it

here are some suggestions:

  • Online Multiplayer 
  • lessen the grounded turn delay
  • make air turning faster
  • timer
  • make the second player boost another key so it could be player on laptop keyboards


Thanks for updating... but what did you update


I haven't updated it yet...

Also PLEASE fix the 2nd players boost. Also, add a timer, please

Yes the 2nd player boost

Please add a training mode and make a sensitivity bar so that you can turn in the air faster. 

PLS, air turning is very slow. A training mode would also help. Also online multiplayer 

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It would be great. :)

I do have some suggestions so if you want my discord if you have it, I would love to talk to you.


Thanks, I still have to figure out how to find time for this project so there's really nothing I can talk about right now :) I will keep that in mind though.


Hey, if you guys want an update to this game, let me know. I haven't worked on it in years, but if enough people demand it I may add a few things.

please do!!!

YES Please

I am learning tricks first trick is the Upper heel which u go near the ball jump and hold a it shoots the ball and is a good way to shoot but you must aim


Look what I made :)

Nice editing lol

Pretty fun!


This is actually a fun little game to play around with. I'm a big fan of the proper game and I love the way you've done this 2D tribute. I see you have the 1.4 source on git hub but would you release it for GMS2 as well so we don't have to deal with import converted code? I'm curious to see how you've created the game in code.

Many thanks.

Importing the 1.4 project into GMS2 seems like the best option. :) 

good game!

Thanks :)


Hey I've played your game for around 1-2 years, and I can do almost anything in it.

I'm telling you this so that youll think of upgrading it. I took a video to show you at .


Haha good job! Sadly I won't be working on this game now, it was just another one of the hundreds of small games I've made in my life. But I really appreciate you playing it and having fun :)

If you could, would you be willing to add a training mode with one car so that you can practice alone, er something. I know its a small change, but idk.

Deleted 1 year ago

Good idea! Will do.


Hi, here is the source:


Player 2 cant play because my computer does not have the right num 0


too bad

Deleted 4 years ago

Sure, I mailed you. :)


I mailed you back :) Cheers!



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I love the game the only thing i would change is the control of the car in the air. Is too slow! I would add more maps to but is a good game in alpha that will be better when will came out. one more thing the game should have a timer or a limite score gol. Thanks.

Thanks for your nice words and the suggestion.

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I agree with you but you can also upgrade the brake system. thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently it seems like I've stopped working on this project, so don't expect any updates or improvements. Sorry and thanks!

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