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AttachPoint | Animate 2D Points

Create attach points on your sprites for sticking objects! · By Gurpreet Singh Matharoo


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AttachPoint 1.4: Major Feature Updates
Hey guys! AttachPoint 1.4 is here, with some new features and improvements. Using AttachPoint , you can place "attach points" on the frames of your sprites. Yo...
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Devlog #Animation: Major updates coming to AttachPoint
Hi there! Some new updates are coming to AttachPoint next week, so I thought I'd share some info here as I code those new features. Animation Preview The big on...
AttachPoint 1.3.7: Origin Menu
Hey! AttachPoint 1.3.7 comes with a new "origin" menu. While previously you could only select between a "Top-Left" origin and a "Middle-Center" one, you can now...
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1.3.5: AttachPoint QoL Updates
Hey there! Attachpoint 1.3.5 brings some Quality-of-Life updates to the program. So let's see what we have here! The X/Y position of the attach point can now be...
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AttachPoint Update: GMS1 Support and 16-Frame Bugfix
Hey there! Attachpoint 1.2 is out, with mainly two updates: Legacy Support, so you can now export code that works in GMS 1. Fixed the 16-frame bug, where you co...
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