AttachPoint 1.4: Major Feature Updates

Hey guys!

AttachPoint 1.4 is here, with some new features and improvements.

Using AttachPoint, you can place "attach points" on the frames of your sprites. You can then export the coordinates as code, and use them in your game to attach an object to another, or anything else you might wanna do. Sky's the limit!

New Features

Animation Preview

You can now preview the animation you create, right inside AttachPoint. So you don't have to wait till you import the attachpoints into your game -- you can see it in action while making it!

As you can see, you can also control the speed of that animation.

'Restore Export' Feature

Once you had exported a set of attachpoints using the "Export Code" button, you could load them back using "Load Points" -- but that would only load the attachpoints, so you had to re-import all sprites manually, and then load your points back.

Now, you don't have to do that. Once you've exported an animation, you can load it back using the "Restore Export" button, and it'll restore all the sprites you had loaded (including the preview image), and all your options will also be loaded back.

This is optional -- you can choose to load the attachpoints only, like before; this way, you can load the attachpoints of one sprite onto some other sprite.

Custom Sprite Origin

You can now set a custom origin for the base sprite, instead of being limited to 9 options only.

The same window is also used to set the origin of the preview image, after one is loaded.

Misc. Updates

Snap Angle

You can now snap the attachpoint angle in 16 directions, by holding "Control":

Checkered Backgrounds

You might've noticed this already. Looks nice.

Updated Documentation

Seriously, check it out:

Example Project for GMS2

An example project is now included on the main page, for GameMaker Studio 2, which demonstrates how coordinates exported from AttachPoint can be used.

More Changes

  • When you change the origin, the new origin is indicated briefly by a red marker, so you know where it is
  • Now the angle of the attachpoint is also visible on each frame, along with the X & Y which were already there
  • If you hover on the X/Y/A display, it disappears

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