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I did a Musty Flick


I really like this game and I've been playing it a lot with my friends, but can you please add multiplayer, I think it will make this game way better and would boost the player count.

unless you dont have a mobile device, rl sideswipe exists


i love this

why is it a t2 fps

Im relativley new to the game but can air dribble, double tap,  ceiling pinch, ground pinch, and wall pinch, and do a few other things. One of the things that is cool is if you do a turtle air dribble and go under the ball, your car will hook up and launch the ball into the air, a perfectly timed one can get the perfect shot at the goal, but they are good for saving too.

They are also good for setups for high shots and double taps


I use both settings as lighter because I enjoy freestyling and I have learned to do a couple of flics and can get air on my ground pinches, improving a lot at the game


it wont let me move or play does anyone know why?

yeah it just sometimes takes a while to load.


open another tab and go back to the game or if your on phone then idk.

I am trying to learn to code and I really want to see how this game works, but the GitHub page with the source code shows nothing found. Could you please release it again? Much thanks🙏

Don't use this game to help you code. No offense, but there are much simpler things that are a lot easier to learn how to code from. It's also quite buggy

add online, levels (every time you level up you get a new item), add hats , add a chat for online.

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my record is 660

i can do a double phyco , double reset , ceiling shot ,musty flick , ceiling pinch, backboard pinch ,ground pinch  and airdribble  idk but airdribbles are so hard for me.

Bruh you legit cant reset its impossible

same were prob ssl's

great game, but can you set the boost of player 2 on m becouse i keep pressing ctrl and my friend the w

Bro it does not work for me when I try pressing A/D I cant move lol fix the game

new record, 8k point airdribble

how I only got a 250 point

im currently at 30k and still going strong

ill ss at 50k

Guys you can ground pinch in this game

and yea hopefully someone see's the comments and makes online

i hit a 3000 point airdribble lol




pls online

Finally hit a triple flip rese

lol you cant even flip reset in this game

I hit a double tap musty flick


Please add an online mode, but if you do, please make it so that everyone plays starting off on the left, and just invert their controls for the other players, so it looks like they started on the right. I say this because playing as player 2 is really hard.


hopefully you understand what i meant lol

i nearly scored a musty flick///// also wished that there was a ranked an online version of the game

i hit a Air dribble into a double tap and I started yesterday

pls continue the game!!!

Its not bad at all.. loved it

But the AI needs some improving. But anyway it is amazing! 

ya I saw to

I just found a glitch where you can go through the ball on the lightest settings

just make it so u can make ur own settings


can u 1v1

im new


im new to this and i already have done a full court ariel

I know right?

so easy

gives me more self esteem

and once with the help of that trick  I beat the A.I  107: 10


dude add flip resets >:)


i don't get ariel point anymore fix it please

when player 2 presses "control" to boost and player 1 presses "w" to jump the tab closes, can you fix that? And I also want a mute button

By mute button do you mean volume of the boost, the crowd etc.Because if you do there is a volume slider at the bottom left where you can change the volume of the noises i just mentioned

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