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Really good game. Sadly we will never know where Marzia is.

radical game my duude

Make it availabe for Mac OS

sorry cannot :)

Can you make it downloadable for mac? Thank yo

Pls Make One For Android!


I almost died irl whiile playing that shitty game, it fucking pissed me off. How are you supposed to get rid of those e's.... I haven't even finished it, i will just uninstall this shit before i explode



mabye you cant finish it because you are not epic gamer

you are definitely not an epic gamer. Smol pp




I JUST finnished the game ! it was really enjoyable and if you ever make it into a whole supermario like game it will be downloaded from a whole bunch of people including me! i would pay atleast 5 euro. Btw you can make world 1 have 10 games and the 10th to be the boss Super Mario based like. First world free second and third 5 euro and for the rest (as many worlds as you want) an other 5 euro

Any way, WELL DONE



If you make it 3.99 then everyone will buy it!

dude do u have a file for Mac OS ?


Sorry no, it only works on Windows.



Awesome Game Brother! As a fellow Indian 9 year old I'm very proud of you! Thank you for making this great (prototype) game. I really enjoyed it and the Chair is GOD-LIKE


Thanks :)


AMAZING GAME! Seriously its great. Only thing wrong is the controls. I only have two hands lol. Besides that its amazing Gurpreet!

Right haha. Thanks!


Gurpreet, I want to ask you which engine you've used to make this game?  


GameMaker Studio 2. :)

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Well, that's going to be hard for me create additional features for this game (since I'm a Linux user :) ) . However, I may help you in music. I'll let you know when I can work on it or if you've got some more levels.

Great, if I need music I'll let you know :) Thanks


This is sooo cool! I would totally donate for you to keep developing it!!


Dude. Had so much fun playing through it. The chair is an amazing addition. Thanks for that :)


good job.


just finished the game.Loved it!This was brilliant.Too bad it will not be a full version =(((