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Game by Gurpreet S. Matharoo

Music by Micah DS

Played by PewDiePie himself!


It's a platformer game that is based around using abilities that you can equip and switch.

At this stage it is just a prototype and has very little content.


I was working on this game about PewDiePie, passionately, but unfortunately I couldn't continue/support its development since other work took over. 

I don't get to work on this project anymore and it was just sitting there, so I thought I'd release it as a prototype to see what you guys think of it.

The game is open-source, so if you want you can work on it to change up anything you want, and even continue development. Just make sure you read the LICENCE.txt file as there are certain restrictions.

Here's the link to its repository: https://bitbucket.org/gurpreetsinghmatharoo/pewdiepie-game/src/master/

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorGurpreet Singh Matharoo
Tags2D, felix, pewdiepie


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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 03:52 (The 2nd Game)



Really good game. Sadly we will never know where Marzia is.

radical game my duude

Make it availabe for Mac OS

sorry cannot :)

Can you make it downloadable for mac? Thank yo


I almost died irl whiile playing that shitty game, it fucking pissed me off. How are you supposed to get rid of those e's.... I haven't even finished it, i will just uninstall this shit before i explode



mabye you cant finish it because you are not epic gamer

you are definitely not an epic gamer. Smol pp




I JUST finnished the game ! it was really enjoyable and if you ever make it into a whole supermario like game it will be downloaded from a whole bunch of people including me! i would pay atleast 5 euro. Btw you can make world 1 have 10 games and the 10th to be the boss Super Mario based like. First world free second and third 5 euro and for the rest (as many worlds as you want) an other 5 euro

Any way, WELL DONE



If you make it 3.99 then everyone will buy it!

dude do u have a file for Mac OS ?


Sorry no, it only works on Windows.



Awesome Game Brother! As a fellow Indian 9 year old I'm very proud of you! Thank you for making this great (prototype) game. I really enjoyed it and the Chair is GOD-LIKE


Thanks :)


AMAZING GAME! Seriously its great. Only thing wrong is the controls. I only have two hands lol. Besides that its amazing Gurpreet!

Right haha. Thanks!


Gurpreet, I want to ask you which engine you've used to make this game?  


GameMaker Studio 2. :)

(1 edit)

Well, that's going to be hard for me create additional features for this game (since I'm a Linux user :) ) . However, I may help you in music. I'll let you know when I can work on it or if you've got some more levels.

Great, if I need music I'll let you know :) Thanks


This is sooo cool! I would totally donate for you to keep developing it!!


Dude. Had so much fun playing through it. The chair is an amazing addition. Thanks for that :)


good job.


just finished the game.Loved it!This was brilliant.Too bad it will not be a full version =(((