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How long can you keep heaving?

How do you defeat big bugs? By throwing big objects at them! But how long can you last until they finally get the best of you? Take the challenge to find out!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys for movement
  • SPACE for action
  • ENTER to pause

The high score you make is saved. If you ever want to reset it, just use CTRL + E while you're in the menu.

There is a normal mode and a hard one. In hard mode, you get fewer lives and only one object to throw.

SECRET! There is a cheat in this game that you can type while playing to activate something cool. Can you find it out? ;)


  • Art and character design by pudarida
  • Concept and programming by matharoo (me)

Install instructions

You can run the game from inside the ZIP or extract it somewhere to play.


HEAVE.zip 21 MB

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